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3 strands of lights to go behind head table $35Little light blue stand for s'mores bar, drinks or anything! $25Chiffon For Over Beams $4040x30 wood sign $12. One sign.Shelf for all things $12Beige Chiffon $15Lace Table Runners.Quantity: 60 Rent:$2 eachCloser View of the Lace Table Runners.(Lg) Quantity:2 Rent:$8 (Sm) Quantity:2 Rent:$6Quantity: 10 Rent: $3 eachQuantity: 1 Rent: $25Small Quantity: 23 Rent: $2 each  Medium Quantity: 13 Rent: $3  Large Quantity: 1 Rent: $5Gold Quantity: 4 Rent: $8 each & others diff colors of gold. Diff sizesQuantity:1 Rent:$25Quantity:1 Rent:$25Quantity:1 Rent:$25Same couch as above.Quantity:1 Rent:$25Quantity:1 Rent:$50Quantity: 1 Rent: $50